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Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer CenterVanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center


VICC toll-free number 1-877-936-8422

Clinical Trials Shared Resource Organizational Overview

The primary mission of the Clinical Trials Shared Resource (CTSR), as identified in the Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG), is to assist Cancer Center investigators develop, activate and complete scientifically-meritorious clinical trials in an efficient, cost-effective and technically-sound manner. The goal of the CTSR is to support high quality clinical research that meets the objectives of the VICC.

The CTSR is under the direction of Vicki Keedy, M.D., Medical Director. The CTSR reports directly to the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center. Oversight of the CTSR operations is assigned to Debra Wujcik, Ph.D., R.N., FAAN, Administrative Director, to ensure enhanced services and to streamline effort to open trials and accelerate accrual growth.

The major areas of responsibility of the CTSR include:

  1. protocol support services including activation and monitoring;

  2. data management; and

  3. provision of research nursing support.