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Educational Telehealth Program for the Delivery of Care to Cancer Patients in Rural Communities, ENCORE Study

This clinical trial evaluates the clinical effectiveness of a multi-level telehealth-based intervention for cancer patients in rural communities. Rural residents face limited accessibility to cancer treatment and supportive care services, transportation barriers, and financial issues. Cancer Thriving and Surviving is an evidence-based self-management intervention with demonstrated efficacy across numerous chronic health conditions with dissemination across the US, inclusive of rural communities. This trial evaluates whether the evidence-based Cancer Thriving and Surviving intervention delivered through telehealth among rural patients may improve patient outcomes.
Not Available
Not Available
Friedman, Debra
BAPT-Family Cancer Center (BARTLETT), Ballad Health, Vanderbilt University
Supportive Care


21 Years
Inclusion Criteria:

At least 21 years of age or older and English speaking with the ability to provide informed consent

Oncology providers within designated Vanderbilt Health Affiliates Network (VHAN) oncology practices

Newly diagnosed or relapsed cancer patients of aforementioned oncology providers

Access to a reliable, video-capable device with internet access. For patients who do not meet this criteria but are eligible per items a and c, a tablet and/or data plan will be provided to them for the duration of the study at no cost

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